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Müllwagen-Aufbau, Zustand - NEU Rafco Rear Loading Garbage Compactor X-Press

Müllwagen-Aufbau, Zustand - NEU Rafco Rear Loading Garbage Compactor X-Press

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Rear Loading Garbage Compactor

XPress series garbage compactors are designed to fit big size three, four-axle chassis cabs with a range of 24t GVW, depending on chassis configuration and unladen weight.

XPress, compact and very maneuverable, and an ideal solution where restricted access is a problem and excellent maneuverability is required.


• Full range of body sizes from 18m³ to 30m³, compatible with all major chassis cabs.

• Handloading can be achieved by lowering the standard rear drop-down rave plate at a moment's notice. ( Optionally )

•Full compaction ratio 5:1 to 6:1

•Carriage plate cylinder mounted outside of the hooper area, keeping clear of the refuse loading area.

•Ergonomically designed for ease of operation and maintenance.

• Hopper volume: 2 m³ - 3 m³

• Tailgate sweeping cycle time: ~25-35 sec.

• Discharging time: ~45-70 sec.

Optional Features

• Button control ( Automatic compression cycle )

• EN-1501-1 standards

• Rearview camera, in-can monitor

• Automatic control ( PLC with software )

• Hardox tailgate

• Container washing system

• 6m³ -10m³ skip container lifting system

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